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Math Perspectives Professional Development DVDs

DVD Set Math Perspectives DVD Set
by Kathy Richardson

Catalog #211330Z • Price: $276.00

These videos feature real classrooms with teachers helping students think and learn about math. Included on each DVD is a guide with instructions for the facilitator and handouts for teachers. They are an ideal companion to support Kathy Richardson's Developing Number Concepts curriculum resources.

Included in the set are:

The Learning Environment for K-2 Mathematics:
Learn how to set-up and manage an ideal learning environment for math, including math stations, where children are engaged and actively learning. 30 minutes.

Thinking with Numbers: Number Talks:
Learn how to develop and implement successful number talks in your classroom. Features students developing strategies for mental math, and specific suggestions for teachers. 60 minutes.

Making Math Time Work in the Classroom:
A comprehensive look at the learning environment with clear examples of the math time routine including mini-lessons and, independent and small group experiences. Examples of the teacher's role are shown throughout. 60 minutes.

A Look at Children's Thinking:
Examine the development level of children's thinking while providing a model for assessment techniques. Help teacher's focus on how children think and what they understand so they can provide meaningful experiences to makes sense of number concepts. 50 minutes.


Look at Children's Thinking DVD Math Perspectives
A Look at Children's Thinking
by Kathy Richardson

Catalog #211285Z • Price: $69.00

This DVD examines the development levels of children's thinking. It will help teachers focus on how children think and what they understand so they can provide meaningful experiences to make sense of number concepts.

Learning Environment DVD Math Perspectives
The Learning Environment for K-2 Mathematics
What Does it Look Like?
by Kathy Richardson

Catalog #211251Z • Price: $69.00

The Learning Environment for K-2 Mathematics…What Does it Look Like? DVD provides teaching professionals, administrators, and parents with a vision of what the learning environment should look like when teaching mathematics for understanding and concept development in the K-2 classroom.

Visit real classrooms where teachers are doing real work with children. You will get a close-up look at children thinking, looking for relationships, explaining, and working hard in a setting that encourages their active involvement. You will see a dynamic and supportive learning environment that helps children be successful in mathematics.

Making it Work DVD

Math Perspectives
Making it Work in the Classroom
by Kathy Richardson

Catalog #211253Z • Price: $69.00

Making Math Time Work in Your Classroom is designed to show K-2 teachers how to create and orchestrate a learning environment where students develop mathematical understanding and learn to love math. From the room arrangement, to the simple materials, to managing an effective 'math time,' where all students are confidently engaged at their own level, the viewers learn how to 'make it all happen' right in their own classrooms!




Thinking with Numbers DVD Math Perspectives
Thinking With Numbers: Number Talks
by Kathy Richardson

Catalog #211252Z • Price: $69.00

The Math Perspectives Thinking with Numbers DVD shows children doing arithmetic in a way that makes sense to them, using strategies that are simple yet meaningful and powerful. Thinking with Numbers features classroom teachers and students engaged in mental math sessions that foster children's understanding of number concepts. This unique approach enables teachers to find out what children are thinking and doing when they add, subtract, multiply, and divide.

This DVD demonstrates real students in real classrooms, typical of most students in this country. Yet not one of them says, "I can't do this problem." They all try, and they all find a way to solve the problems they are given. Why? Because they have been taught to do math in a way that makes sense to them.