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Teacher Center

Math Perspectives Teacher Center provides resources and information to educators of Pre-K to 5th grade mathematics to enhance their professional growth. It will be updated periodically with links and other valuable tools to support teaching and learning.


Too Easy for Kindergarten
by Kathy Richardson

When is a task 'right' for your students? What numbers are appropriate? This article helps you to determine the appropriate mathematics experience levels to keep children/students enthused and engaged.

Critical Learning Phases
by Kathy Richardson

Assessing Math Concepts

Guidelines for Using AMC
by Kathy Richardson

AMC Understanding the Instructional Levels
by Kathy Richardson

Assessing Math Concepts Notes
by Kathy Richardson

Visit AMC Website | Click Here


Number Talks Toolkit

Artlcles, blacklines and information for using Number Talks in the classroom to develop computational fluency are avalable HERE.




Math Perspectives Overview Brochure
Math Perspectives

How Children Lean Number Concepts: A Guide to Critical Learning, by Kathy Richardson
Math Perspectives

Posing Open-Ended Questions, by Christina Myren
Math Perspectives


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Common Core State Standards Initiative
Alignment of Math Perspectives with CCSS
CCSS Website:

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)

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National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM)

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U.S. Department of Education
The Department of Education home page contains a wide variety of resources and information.


Classroom Resources
Resources for Use in Your Classroom

K-3 Geometry Activity
by Kathy Richardson

Building and Recording Box Structures. This excerpt from Understanding Geometry is designed to help children develop a sense of perspective as they draw structures that they have built with boxes.

Parent Letter
by Marilynn Magnani

This parent letter, shared by Marilynn Magnani, shares observations made while listening to children talk about their math. Particularly, how children make sense of computation and what supports sense making and what interferes with it.

Implementing Number Talks • Helpful Hints
by Cathy Young

A listing of helpful hints for implementing Number Talks - a way in discussing numbers meaningfully with your students - in your classroom.

Meaningful Homework • Lesson 1
by Chris Oster

Patterns in the Environment. This excerpt from Developing Number Concepts Bk 1, Counting, Comparing, and Pattern is designed to help children discover patterns that surround them in their everyday environment.

Meaningful Homework • Lesson 2
by Chris Oster

Grab Bag Subtraction. This excerpt from Developing Number Concepts Bk 2, Addition and Subtraction is designed to help children with their addition and subtraction, through a simple and fun guessing and counting activity.

Meaningful Homework • Lesson 3
by Chris Oster

Growing Patterns. This hands-on activity is designed to help children recognize and build growing patterns.

Meaningful Homework • Lesson 4
by Chris Oster

Counting with 10's and 1's. This lesson helps children keep track of their counting by learning to break down a larger quantity into smaller quantities of 10's and 1's to more easily keep track of their progress.