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Math Perspectives
Professional Resources

Our books and other resource materials support our Math Perspectives courses and help teachers assess and plan for meaningful instruction.

We are the publisher for Kathy Richardson's work. Kathy's books, professional development dvds and Assessing Math Concepts have helped thousands of teachers improve their teaching of mathematics.



How Children Learn Number Concepts Book

How Children Learn Number Concepts
A Guide to the Critical Learning Phases
by Kathy Richardson

Grades: K-5
Price: $24.95

A "must-have" book for every educator wanting to know how young children develop an understanding of number concepts. Through her years of research and extensive work with young children, Richardson has identified the stages, or Critical Learning Phases, children go through as they develop mathematical understanding. This resource will help all math educators understand how children make sense of numbers and what mathematics they are ready to learn at each phase of development. Grades K-5.


Assessing Math Concepts Book Set

Assessing Math Concepts
9 Part Assessment Series
by Kathy Richardson

Grades: K-3
Price: $21.95 Each

Assessing Math Concepts is a nine part series of assessments that focus on core concepts that must be in place if children are to understand and be successful in mathematics. The information that is gathered and organized helps the teacher’s awareness of the important steps in the learning process and provides information for instructional decision making.

Each book provides the teacher background information for giving and using the assessment tasks, instructions for doing classroom observations, tips for organizing information and suggestions for instruction. Black line masters are included and can be reproduced for classroom assessment activities.

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Understanding Number Concepts Book Set

Understanding Numbers
3 Part Station Series
by Kathy Richardson

Grades: 3-5
Price: $36.00 Each

The Understanding Numbers series of stations are sets of 8 tasks that provide students with the meaningful practice necessary for developing an understanding of the underlying structure of numbers, number relationships and operations. The mathematics presented in the stations is foundational and crucial for developing computational fluency. These foundational concepts also provide the basis for students' understanding of the mathematics they will encounter in the future. Titles include either Place Value, Addition & Subtraction, or Decimals.

Each set of stations presents a variety of activities focused on one major concept. The tasks are designed to meet a range of needs allowing all students to work at their own level. These stations should be experienced over and over again until students have developed proficiency with the tasks. Most students will benefit from working with the appropriate set of stations for several weeks.

Each station book comes bundled with Station Cards and Task Cards — printed on colored card stock, suitable for repeated classroom use.

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Developing Number Concepts Book Set

Developing Number Concepts
3 Part Series and Guide
by Kathy Richardson

Grades: K-3
Books: $35.95 Each
Guides: $23.95 Each

These books present a complete number curriculum for kindergarten through third grade classrooms. They are clearly written and each book provides simple but meaningful activities which give students repeated math experiences. These books present an approach based on years of research by the author on how children learn. They are a must for K-3 teachers of mathematics to meet the needs of all their students.

Each chapter of each book includes:
• What you need to know about….
• Chapter Overview
• Goals for Children’s Learning
• Analyzing and Assessing Children’s Needs
• Classroom Scenes
• About the Activities
• Teacher Directed Activities
• Independent Activities
• Blackline Masters

Book 1: Counting, Comparing, and Pattern
Book 2: Addition and Subtraction
Book 3: Place Value, Multiplication, and Division
Planning Guide: The Planning Guide includes comprehensive year long teaching plans along with classroom management ideas.

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Download PDF Information Flyer / 210 Kb


Posing Open-Ended Questions
in the Primary Math Classroom Book Posing Open-Ended Questions
in the Primary Math Classroom
by Christina Myren

Grades: K-2
Price: $21.95

Bring the Common Core Practice Standards to life in your classroom!

Posing Open Ended Questions in the Primary Math Classroom is an outstanding resource for teachers as they work toward making mathematics meaningful and relevant to children. This book is a collection of 15 open-ended mathematics questions for kindergarten, first, and second-grade children. It is a wonderful addition to any math curriculum because it raises the standards of K-2 mathematics and exemplifies the depth of mathematical thinking that young students are truly capable of doing. Christina Myren has provided many examples of student work that show a wide range of responses and growth over time.

The problems are open ended because they have multiple solutions and/or multiple approaches to reach one solution. Children's literature serves as a springboard for many of the lessons. Each lesson contains an overview, materials list, description, student responses and assessment discussion, and references.

Download PDF Order Form / 725 Kb



Understanding Geometry Book

Understanding Geometry
by Kathy Richardson

Grades: K-3 • Item No: 2-141W
Price: $21.95

This valuable teacher resource book provides teachers with classroom tested activities that help children develop in-depth understandings about 2-D and 3-D geometry concepts and spatial awareness. Understanding Geometry is more than a book about Geometry activities. Kathy Richardson provides the following resources for teachers:
• Background information on what they need to know about Geometry
• Geometry Terminology Glossary
• Planning Guide for Grades K-3
• Task Cards
• Assessments and Observations

Math Time
The Learning Environment Book Math Time
The Learning Environment
by Kathy Richardson

Grades: K-2 • Item No: 100-1001W
Price: $21.95

This book is a must for every primary teacher! It is a unique guide that provides practical solutions to everyday classroom situations. The book addresses many timely topics such as teaching for understanding, ongoing assessment, and planning for concept development. It guides teachers through important decisions about the classroom environment.

Developing Math Concepts
In Pre-Kindergarten Book Developing Math Concepts
In Pre-Kindergarten
by Kathy Richardson

Grades: Pre-Kindergarten • Item No: 123892W
Price: $29.95

For the first time in a single resource, Kathy Richardson shares her insights into the mathematical development of preschool students. Based on the most current research about the development of young children, and closely aligned with NCTM standards, this book provides teachers with everything they need to understand about teaching math in the PreKindergarten classroom. The book is organized by the key mathematical areas children “Need to Know”:

• Numbers
• Geometry
• Sorting and Classifying
• Pattern
• Measurement
• Data Collection

In addition to outlining the standards, “Big Ideas” are presented making it clear to teachers what the appropriate expectations are for PreK students. For each of these areas, activities are provided for circle time, small group, and individual instruction. In all, over 75 activities are included making this a complete resource for all PreKindergarten teachers.