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The Solution for Managing Students' Math Progress

Make your teachers more efficient with AMC Anywhere. Using a Palm® Handheld device, teachers have the flexibility to assess students anywhere and can take advantage of immediate results and comprehensive reporting.

Easily Capture Assessment Data

AMC Anywhere is the technology component of Assessing Math Concepts that simplifies data collection and instantly provides teachers with the instructional level for their students. Teachers enter student data directly into a Palm hendheld device. Clear, on-screen prompts, in English and Spanish, ensure teachers accurately record students' understanding. Assessments are carried out more efficiently without the need for Student Interview Forms. When they've finished assessing, teachers simply sync their device to create accessible web-based reporting.

Powerful Reporting Tracks Results

AMC Anywhere offers administrators and teachers a variety of reports that summarize student results and enable teachers to make instructional decisions. For administrators, reporting shows the use of assessments throughout the school or district. Benchmark reports provide a comprehensive summary and allow for tracking results over time. For teachers, AMC Anywhere captures every answer in each assessment for complete individual student reports. Class reporting also summarizes results and provides reports for grouping instruction.

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Use Assessment to Inform Instruction

In each AMC book, teachers are provided with instructional guidelines for each student based on their results. In addition, specific activities from the Developing Number Concepts series by Kathy Richardson are recommended for targeted instruction.

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