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North Carolina State Math Assessment Pilot

Math Perspectives is pleased, once again, to welcome back the educators at the thirteen schools in the state of North Carolina taking part in the AMC Anywhere pilot as part of Governor Perdue's Initiative. After much positive response, we look forward to another year of working with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction in facilitating teachers' implementation of Kathy Richardson's technology based diagnostic/formative mathematics assessment in Kindergarten through second grade.

As the year progresses, we encourage you to ask questions that may arise as you assess your students this school year. Math Perspectives has qualified and experienced staff, including Kathy Richardson, the author and developer of the assessments, who are available to answer all of your assessment related questions, as well as how best to use the assessment data to develop effective instructional strategies that help to differentiate instruction. Please send questions and feedback to You may also visit our website at for previously asked and answered questions.

If you are new the Math Perspectives AMC Anywhere North Carolina pilot this year, please view the Power Point and Video below for a valuable tutorial on the assessments.

Assessing Math Concepts
Research Summary
28 pgs @ 2.6 MB

Research article providing a comprehensive summary of the scientific basis for Assessments and the Assessing Math Concepts series of books and the Assessing Math Concepts Institute.



AMC Anywhere Presentation

Why Assessing Math Concepts
by Kathy Rischardson

18 Page PDF
@ 614 KB

AMC Anywhere Product Overview

Assessing Math Concepts Program Overview

Click Image Above to Play
Run time: 8 minutes

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