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The mission of Math Perspectives Teacher Development Center is to provide Pre-K to 5th grade mathematics educators with tools, strategies, and assessments that will ensure that all students are successful in the study of mathematics and are able to use mathematics to solve problems and to think and reason mathematically.

Improving Mathematics Instruction:
Math Perspectives professional development helps schools/districts become ongoing learning organizations that directly and ultimately benefit students. We work with schools and districts to organize for the effective teaching and learning of mathematics and enhance their understanding of:
  • Important mathematical concepts
  • How children learn and develop mathematical thinking
  • How to assess mathematical understanding and competence and to teach in response to children’s needs
  • Techniques for implementing an exemplary math program
  • Ways to organize their classroom in order to ensure the success of all students

Planning For Success:
Math Perspectives works closely with you to identify your school district’s professional development needs. Based on those needs we will work with you to develop a personalized plan.

  • Long-term, systemic, professional development plan
  • Summer and School-year courses
  • Summer Leadership Institute for K-5 Teacher-leaders and Administrators
  • School-year introductory sessions to introduce your school or district to the philosophy and approach of standards-based mathematics instruction
  • Administrators Sessions

We invite you to explore our website. Please contact us if you have any questions or need any further information.